Hip power series with Fran. Class two x

Continuing on from last class, grab your mini bands. This is a short class. I’m yet to meet a dancer that doesn’t need more hip strength and power so let’s do it!

Hip Power Series with Fran. Class one x

Class one of a hip power series with Fran.. As irish dancers we need super strong hips to execute ALL of our movements, from pulling up off of our heels to front clicks, to speed and sharpness across the stage. By improving the strength in our hips we also help to prevent injuries in the lower body!

Sunday reflections and Hip Mobility x

Grab your journals… These reflections are super important.. Please do the activities!

We also know that if there is any tension anywhere in the hips then it will affect your dancing, so today we move through our hips for range of motion and check in with each area as we go.

This week ask the question… “What would love do.” – Refer to the video 🙂

Movement prep: Ostrich stretch

Hips n Hamstrings – A Riverdance favourite back stage mobility move.. Pop a few of these in whilst waiting back stage to perform.