Mobility month bonus class. HIPS!

Possibly one of my favourite passive & active sequences for those hips I’ve done for you 😉 I hope you enjoy it – I think it’ll be one you’ll keep coming back to. Literally working all areas and actions of the hips.

Chloey x

Yoga for Hips! Sunday May 8th.

Please enjoy this live class recording of a juicy yoga flow for opening those hips.. A wonderful practice to keep coming back to and if you’re taking part in the mobility month, you’ll be getting those extra gains in 😉 Enjoy it. We also finish today with a journaling prompt so have your journals ready x

Movement prep. Adductor switches.

This stretch opens up those inner thighs (the cross over muscles) whilst also helping out our external rotators (turnout muscles) ohhhh and ankle mobility – So a great all rounder!

Cool down in 5 minutes

A great post dance class cool down.. It can be nice after a vigorous class to walk around a little first to allow the heart rate to come back down before stretching. With me talking the cool-down is a little longer than 5 mins but each stretch is performed for just 30 seconds. No excuses to just run out of class (hehe) Enjoy x

Warming up for front clicks :)

Try adding this dynamic sequence into your warm up routine to prep those hamstrings and hips for work! Imagine how much your clicks and shoots etc would improve even just adding these into every pre dance class 🙂

Sunday session. Feb 28th. Reflective journaling & Full body stretch.

Firstly be proud that you show up for yourself, that you’re taking the time out to slow down and reflect. We start with our journals, looking at this last week and the week ahead before a juicy full body stretch, it’s time to restore your body and energy levels. This is the day to wind down, slow down and recenter yourself.

Worlds prep. 8 week program. Class 3. Feb 8th.

Today we focus on strength endurance and power for those hips. Think about how much we bring the knee towards the chest when we dance and extend the leg for front clicks and shoots etc.. This requires a lot of strength! Let’s do it! x