12 tips of Christmas. Tip 1 with Chloey. Reflection.

Welcome to our 12 tips of christmas.. I kick this off with Reflection. If you’ve worked with me for some time now then you will have done plenty of this! It’s a great time of year to open up the journals and reflect.

Self talk tips with Lucie

An extremely valuable workshop from Lucie.. I truly believe that mastering your self talk is one of the greatest things we can do for ourselves for overall self esteem and wellbeing. Please take on this wonderful information and practice

Fixed vs Growth Mindset :)

As I mention in the video, there are a combination of things that make a person successful in both dance and life, for me – developing a growth mindset was what I believe to be a huge part of my long, successful career in dance.

Managing comparison with Lucie

I resonated very much with this workshop.. I think that you will too. I believe that we all will compare ourselves to another human at some stage in life – sometimes this is detrimental, as we know! Watch, listen, take notes and action :). Chloey x

Managing disappointment workshop

A super important workshop topic to help guide you through the inevitable set backs we go through as not only dancers, but human beings x

“The role of the mind in injury recovery”

In this session we will cover a number of common psychological responses to both acute and chronic injury, a variety of tips for managing the ups and down of injury recovery, and how to prepare for return to dance.

The role of psychology in injury prevention.

WOW. What a workshop! More extremely valuable lessons on another super important topic with our Head to Toe Dance Psychologist Dr Lucie Clements! Grab your journals and take notes.