*NEW Sunday feels flow..

Slow & stretchy.. With a breath-work and visualisation session to start with. This practice is like a little assessment too.. If your goal is too improve ‘flexibility’.. You’ll notice where you hold tension.

Haven’t we started Oireachtas prep in a beautiful way 😉 ?

*NEW Managing comparison with Lucie

I resonated very much with this workshop.. I think that you will too. I believe that we all will compare ourselves to another human at some stage in life – sometimes this is detrimental, as we know! Watch, listen, take notes and action :). Chloey x

First S&C Oireachtas prep class with Fran

Today you will need your mat and a band. This is the start of develop our strength and conditioning. Let’s do it!

Ps.. feel free to ask Fran any questions that you might have x

Performance profiling, goals & intentions.

This is where we start our new season.. Please listen through this workshop.. Those of you that emailed me will be put into the WhatApp group asap. We are here for you!

Please find below some helpful PDFs that I’d encourage you to print or transfer to your journals. These will also be sent in an email.

Scroll just below here (It’s not visible, but it’s here – not sure how to fix this yet :):

Oireachtas calendar

Scroll just below:

My correction checklist

Scroll just below:

Pre performance routine