The role of psychology in injury prevention.

WOW. What a workshop! More extremely valuable lessons on another super important topic with our Head to Toe Dance Psychologist Dr Lucie Clements! Grab your journals and take notes.

Post Competition Reflection

With Dr Lucie Clements. In this workshop we will focus on post competition reflection – including how to show yourself kindness in evaluating your performance, how to refocus your mind and how to set goals moving forwards.

*NEW Post performance meditation with Feis app.

It really is incredibly important to check in with how we feel after each performance and learn to manage the emotions that can arise. Again, please keep coming back to this meditation and consider it just as important as your physical practice. With love to you all x

Pre Competition Meditation with Feis app :) x

I do hope you consistently take time to nourish your mind with this meditation I recorded with the incredible Feis app team. If you haven’t listened to the intro yet then please do! Thank you so much and bless you all lovely dancers x

Pre Competition Meditation with Feis app. INTRO

Please have a listen to this introduction to your new pre competition mindfulness meditation that I am delighted to share with you all. On behalf of myself and the Feis App team we do hope you enjoy it x

R.A.I.N Meditation

A guided meditation using the R.A.I.N method. With this meditation we learn to Recognise our thoughts, emotions and behaviours, we Allow for them to show up.. Famous philosopher Victor Frankel writes, “Between the stimulus and the response there is a space, and in this space lies our power and our freedom.” Allowing creates a space that enables us to see more deeply into our own being, which, in turn, awakens our caring and helps us make wiser choices in life. Then we Investigate with curiosity and not judgement. Then we learn to Nurture what shows up for us.. This is all part of developing a more loving kind relationship with ourselves.

Any questions please give me a shout. Chloey x