*NEW Managing comparison with Lucie

I resonated very much with this workshop.. I think that you will too. I believe that we all will compare ourselves to another human at some stage in life – sometimes this is detrimental, as we know! Watch, listen, take notes and action :). Chloey x

*NEW Morning Meditation

How about you ease into your day cultivating calm and ease? At times I personally can wake up a little anxious thinking about all that I have to do that day, or immediately jump online and scroll through my phone. I find when I start the day with a meditation practice, setting an intention for the day ahead that I am then calm and focused. First thing in the morning is truly my favourite time to practice mindfulness. And this practice is super short, just 3 minutes! Remember – it’s the small daily improvements and habits that lead to stunning results.

Self doubt & acceptance meditation

If you find that your mind often doubts your abilities and you feel as though your mind can often get in the way of you being the best version of yourself, a meditation practice like this one can certainly help. Stay with it until the end 🙂 x

Frustration meditation.

We all get frustrated from time to time, especially as a dancing athlete, it comes with its ups and downs.. Perhaps you’ve had a recent disappointed and you’re struggling to manage the emotions that come with it and let it go. Firstly, Please already understand how incredibly resilient you are.. As dancers we put ourselves out their to be judged, for disappoints etc etc.. Sometimes we just need a little help & reminder in being kind to ourselves during these times.. I hope this meditation can help you at this time.

Please be aware that the audio isn’t great.. I was inspired by some dancers I heard from Nationals and quickly put this together. I shall re0 record at some stage in future!

Self Esteem Meditation

It’s only human to be hard on ourselves from time to time and fall into comparison. Allow this meditation to give you a little self esteem boost.

*NEW “The role of the mind in injury recovery”

In this session we will cover a number of common psychological responses to both acute and chronic injury, a variety of tips for managing the ups and down of injury recovery, and how to prepare for return to dance.

*NEW Meditation. Easing frustration.

Todays mindful meditation is about releasing frustration. Let’s be honest, we all get a little frustrated from time to time, whether it’s due to a difficult performance, a result, a slip, learning new steps. We can learn to let go a little with a meditation like this one.

A calming exhale meditation

I will do my best to upload mindful meditation practices each week from now on. This simple practice as I mention in the video is a great place to start practicing presence, cultivating calm and moving through life with more ease and grace. Take some calming exhales each day x

The role of psychology in injury prevention.

WOW. What a workshop! More extremely valuable lessons on another super important topic with our Head to Toe Dance Psychologist Dr Lucie Clements! Grab your journals and take notes.