Summer Yoga. Core & Clicks class.

This class will be a great one to keep coming back to, for those that wish to improve your strength and flexibility for front clicks. If you’ve completed the clicks, shoots and splits program or the 14 day journey to splits practice, you’ll understand that certain key muscle groups are important to think of when mastering stronger, sharper clicks, this includes: Abdominal strength, upper back strength, hip flexor flexibility, hamstring flexibility and strong glutes.

Summer series with Fran. Class 3.

Continuing to develop you into a strong, powerful dancing athlete to head back into a new season. Fran is working today on strengthening your body for some of the plyometric training to come.

Summer yoga class 4.

In this class we again start on our backs working into our anterior core (front body) before taking some time for hip mobility and plank work. And gradually making our way to a standing sequence. Please listen to the cues given! Enjoy it x