Calming breath & movement class

A gorgeous 30-minute practice to focus your awareness on the connection of movement and breath. This would be great for leading up to a performance that brings on your stress response as with this practice we work on tapping into the bodies relaxation response.

Pilates Core & Restore class with Kendal.

We had a last minute guest in today. The lovely Kendal is taking a pilates core & restore class for you. If you’d like to work the body a little, restore a little – this is a lovely class to take 🙂

Sunday reset. Focus on Lower legs.

Many of you are feising, working towards goals – lots of dance classes each week, so this Sunday is a lovely stretch with a focus on the lower legs. Yoga blocks and a strap/band will come in handy today.

Yoga for posture. Sun Sept 4th.

This class will be another lovely one to come back to. If you’re sitting for long periods throughout the day now that you’re back at school/work then popping this into your schedule will be lovely.

Leg lines with Coach Fran

In this class Fran guides you through some wonderful exercises to improve your leg lines (straight legs)

Pilates Restore with Kendal Griffler.

A huge thank you to guest teacher Kendal for delivering this lovely restorative pilates practice for you guys. Wonderful timing if you’re about to head to Nationals. Enjoy it 🙂