Yoga class for nerves & anxiety

Another great class to come back to. In this class we take some time to check in with our breath, as well as our physical and emotional body. I hope by the end of class you feel a sense of calm and ease.

Sunday Mindful Stretch x

This will be another great one to add to your favourites, come back to it after a dance class, a feis, to recover… Really whenever you need that full body check in x

Sunday Session. Sun June 5th. Moving with the breath.

Today, stay consciously connected to the breath. When we stay connected to the breath you begin to notice the mind will become quieter and a calm awareness arises.

It is also worth remembering the essence that keeps us alive in the physical body is the breath!

Sunday Yoga & Journal with Chloey.

This class can also be used as a post class cool down. Come back to the R.A.I.N method often if you struggle to manage your inner chatter.. This mindfulness practice can help guide us towards self compassion. Please use the R.A.I.N meditation for guidance from me. Chloey x