Mobility challenge. Week 4. Intro.

Welcome to week 4. Well done guys. Let’s keep it up. There’s no better feeling than being able to move with more ease for not only dance but in life.

Mobility challenge. Week 3. Activation – Lower trapezius.

We focus on activating the lower traps to help stabilise the shoulder blades during overhead movements. When our lower traps are weak our upper trapezius muscles turn on and engage more often than they should. Your upper trapezius (upper trap) is the muscle that helps elevate and upwardly rotate the scapula and extend the neck. When the upper trap has no support from the mid or low trapezius fibers it can become overworked and therefore very tight, affecting our posture for dance.

Pre Competition Meditation with Feis app. INTRO

Please have a listen to this introduction to your new pre competition mindfulness meditation that I am delighted to share with you all. On behalf of myself and the Feis App team we do hope you enjoy it x