*NEW 10 week strength & conditioning. Class 5.

Today is a repeat of last Tuesday’s class as the live recording from Feb 31st is very very glitchy. Please feel free to progress the exercises if you can, you could increase how many you do and the power you put into them. Next week the exercises will be changing!

Core & Glutes conditioning with Fran. Class 1.

Class one of this new series throughout our festive period. A great time to work through the stabilising, foundational muscles in our body – super important for all areas of dance from posture to power and moving across the stage with ease.

Self talk tips with Lucie

An extremely valuable workshop from Lucie.. I truly believe that mastering your self talk is one of the greatest things we can do for ourselves for overall self esteem and wellbeing. Please take on this wonderful information and practice

Sunday recovery with Fran

Starting today with some foam rolling – don’t worry if you don’t have one – you can skip forward to the next parts. Enjoy your time of active rest 🙂

Sunday feels flow..

Slow & stretchy.. With a breath-work and visualisation session to start with. This practice is like a little assessment too.. If your goal is too improve ‘flexibility’.. You’ll notice where you hold tension.

Haven’t we started Oireachtas prep in a beautiful way 😉 ?