Sunday session. Feb 28th. Reflective journaling & Full body stretch.

Firstly be proud that you show up for yourself, that you’re taking the time out to slow down and reflect. We start with our journals, looking at this last week and the week ahead before a juicy full body stretch, it’s time to restore your body and energy levels. This is the day to wind down, slow down and recenter yourself.

Yoga with Maggie x

A beautiful Yoga sequence taken by Riverdance lead dancer Maggie Darlington. Please enjoy it x

Sunday recovery yoga and journaling. Feb 6th.

Please have your journals ready. Some new prompts in this evenings class ahead of ‘Children’s Mental Health’ awareness week! Then we move with a focus on the posterior chain.

Enjoy! And please be kind to yourself this week. x

Yoga for the Anterior Chain x

Today’s Sunday class, we started with our journals and assessed the last 7 days before looking at the week ahead! Then we opened up allll down our front body (aka the anterior chain). I do hope you enjoy this class.

P.s – I did mention that I recorded this in better quality also – I did.. My camera died for the last 5 minutes, so i’m uploading the zoom recording for now and will make some edits and upload the better quality tomorrow x

Journey to splits. Day 4.

Today we look to find fluidity within the movement and breath, cultivating a dance-like sensation between the two as we flow through a lower body sequence, opening up into the hip space. We’ll finish this practice with some PNF (Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) stretching to really activate the split and see how we’re progressing.

P.S my apologies for the length of this one as I was hoping to keep them all to 30 mins.. I got a bit excited! x

Performance class with Fran x

Fran shares her tips on how we can take show performance to the competitive stage. Some fantastic advice! Have fun with this class x

Sunday journal and mobility. Nov 28th x

Many of you have competed at your Oireachtas and many of you still have it coming up. Please have your journals and pre performance sheet handy! Today includes going over some useful ways to manage pre comp nerves before we check in with the breath & move our bodies.