*NEW Slowing down meditation & working with our emotions

Today we acknowledge how we feel and what our emotions could be sign posting.

While you don’t need to limit yourself to the emotions and needs included below, they can provide a starting point in developing a greater level of emotional awareness and understanding..




Coffee/tea, gratitude meditation & journal

Join me for a practice I’d love for you to consistently pop into either your morning of evening routine (Perhaps without the coffee in the evening).

Grounding with the breath. A body scan. gratitude & journal x

Easing overwhelm meditation

Feeling a little overwhelmed? that’s ok.. Take a short time out to create some space with this mindfulness meditation x

Panic relief meditation

In this moment all is well. You are supported. You are safe. You have everything you need within you.. You have calm and peace within you. You have strength and support within you. You have love and compassion within you. You have everything you need to face any obstacles that arise within you.. I hope this guided meditation can bring you some relief in your time of need. Please know that this too shall pass x

Self Esteem Meditation

With this meditation, we practice stepping back and seeing our thoughts with a little more clarity, creating a bit more distance and some perspective.

Gratitude meditation & journal

A short body and breath check-in meditation, followed by inner child gratitude journaling. The perfect way to start or end your day.