Welcome to Chloey Turner Wellness!

For the last twelve years I have toured the world as the principle lead in Riverdance, co-founded the weighted activewear brand KILOGEAR CUT and am a fully qualified personal trainer and Yoga instructor. Today, I advocate positive mental health and wellbeing through various speaking engagements, workshops and classes for both youth and mature audiences. I have created the online, From Head to Toe Academy, specifically for dancers to help integrate positive mental and physical health practices into their training.

I am passionate about telling my story with the hope and goal of helping others. I look at my achievements and, while I am extremely proud of what I’ve done, I also remember how often I struggled throughout my journey. Knowing that constant discipline, determination and passion are required to become successful is one thing, but the reality is it can be extremely difficult to practice if you struggle with your mental health. For years, I kept my often crippling anxiety and depression a secret and in the end became a pretty good actress by playing the role that was expected of me and smiling through it all. Today, I share the highs and lows of my life and career, what helped me in the darker times as well as the tools I now use to continue to work on my mind, body and soul everyday. I’m incredibly happy and grateful to be able to give back and help you on your journey towards becoming your best, most vibrant self. click here.

"If you refuse to give up, you will always go further than you expected."

– Chloey Turner