Welcome to Chloey Turner Wellness!

From Head to toe academy for irish dancers

While physical fitness is seen to be at the forefront of what makes a great dancer and something that I, myself would have very much focused no over the years, I have come to realise that being physically fit is just one piece of a much bigger pie. The From Head to Toe Academy has been created with the intention of enabling dancers to reach their full potential in both dance and life, by encouraging a more integrated, holistic approach to their well-being. Join us today where as a team can fully support you with your training, nutrition, recovery and mindset.


Yoga with Chloey

This monthly membership is a space for you to show up and take time for yourself to connect, heal and grow through the power of yoga and mindfulness meditation. The impact this wonderful practice has had on my life has been quite profound and I am excited to share this gift with you and to be with you throughout your journey. Who is this membership for?

If you struggle to find time to be present, you often feel anxious and overwhelmed.
You're looking to deepen your knowledge of yoga, mindfulness, meditation and the breath. Ready to develop a more nurturing relationship with yourself.
You wish to move with more ease and grace, become stronger and mobile in both mind & body.
You struggle to make time for yourself (you can take even take 5 minutes each day with this membership).

Each week a new class will be dropped to your on demand library
Every month a new meditation or journaling prompt will be uploaded
Starting early August I will take a live class each week

Take this step towards becoming your most vibrant self today.. You'll not regret it xx