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*NEW Summer training program for Irish dancers. Tuesdays @6pm. Saturdays @10:30am. Sundays @5pm. (bst).

45 mins

With Chloey & Fran

Please contact Chloey: chloey@chloeyturner.com

NOURISH! With Dr Meghan Brown. HYDRATION for Dancers. Wednesday July 28th

5-6pm (BST)

60 mins

Dr Meghan Brown is a Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Nutrition, with particular expertise in Dance Nutrition. She completed her PhD in the area and continues to research in a range of topics to advance our understanding of how nutrition can support both health and performance. Alongside her teaching and research commitments, Meghan is passionate about improving nutrition knowledge and providing nutrition support to dancers as a registered Sport and Exercise Nutritionist. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ In her first virtual workshop, Meghan will introduce members to some fundamentals of nutrition, and will discuss practical ways to overcome some of the most common challenges and barriers to optimal intakes.

THRIVE! With Dr Lucie Clements. Next workshop Sunday July 11. Topic: Pause, Reflect & Reengage.

5-6pm (BST)

60 mins

Dr Lucie Clements is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Chichester and a Chartered Psychologist. While completing her PhD Lucie began working freelance to deliver workshops and consultancy for dance students and schools, and now runs a business as dance psychologist along her academic position, supporting dancers across the world, including India, Hong Kong, and the USA. Lucie has published in journals such as Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity and the Arts and Journal of Sports, Exercise and Performance Psychology. Her research interests are diverse within psychology, but she is particularly interested in the interplay between the environment and the individual in developing a rounded healthy dancer, not just a technically "perfect" performer.