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Chloey Live classes - Every Sunday. Yoga & Mindfulness for Dancers x

5-6pm (UK)

Please note that on workshop Sundays these classes take place at 6pm. 30-45 mins

I just adore the beautiful benefits that Yoga, mindfulness and meditation brings. For me, I now realise that this was the piece of wellness I was missing as both a competitive and professional dancing athlete. Yoga has brought peace and ease to my often anxious mind, more flexibility – specifically for my often tense hips and shoulders, and a much better - more compassionate relationship with myself.. What athlete wouldn’t benefit from this wonderful ancient practice?

Coach Fran Strength & Conditioning. Live classes. Worlds prep 10 week program starts January 17th

Tuesdays & Fridays

6pm (UK time) 30-45 mins

Get stronger than you ever imagined with Coach Fran this season. 10 weeks of progressively challenging your strength, power, speed and stamina. Imagine getting to a stage where you don't have to worry about your stamina for dance again!

NOURISH! With Dr Meghan Brown.

Sunday March 19th @5pm UK time

60 mins

Your nutritin questions answered

THRIVE! With Dr Lucie Clements. Now offering 1-1 coaching. Please contact us for more information.

Sunday Feb 5th @5pm UK time

60 mins

The impact of stress on our mind and body.

In this workshop we will explore the impact of stress on our mind and body, and how to develop a consistent and effective stress management strategy. You’ll also learn about simple ways to manage stress in the moment