Welcome to Chloey Turner Wellness!

Classes, Events & Workshops for Irish Dancers

Live Mobility & Mindfulness with Chloey

Tuesdays @5pm (est) & Sundays @1pm

30-45 mins

*NEW program starting January 7th. 10 weeks to enhance leg lines, extensions and front clicks.

Live Barre & Technique with Maggie

Fridays @5:30pm-5:45pm

Maggie’s classes utilise elements of ballet barre, technique for Irish dance & pilates. A fun, creative class to improve body awareness, alignment strength & flexibility..

Coach Fran Strength & Conditioning for Irish Dance. Live classes.

Wednesdays @6am (est) & Saturdays @9am (est)

30-45 mins

NOURISH! With Dr Meghan Brown. Nutrition for dancers.

Sunday Feb 18th at 12pm est

45-60 mins

Self Love- Hydration workshop

Dr Mitchell DeSimone Workshop - SELF - TALK!

Sunday April 21st at 12pm EST

60 mins

The things you say to and about yourself don't just impact your performance as a dancer; they also have strong influence over resilience, focus, feelings of self-worth and much more. In this workshop we will explore the function of self-talk to better understand why we say the things we do and how we can become better self-listeners to unlock elite confidence and improved performance.