Yoga for the Core – Bonus class! :)

This class focuses on breathing whilst bracing the muscles of the core: Remember that if you were to chop your arms and legs off thats your core – so lots of muscle groups included. We take this class nice & slowly really feeling into each muscle and their function.

Yoga for an anterior pelvic tilt (duck butt)

Sticking out your bottom when you dance? this can switch off our glutes, tighten our hips flexors and really lead to a whole host of issues! Try this one and let us know how you get on x

Movement prep: Downward dog sequence

Another great all rounder: The downward facing dog with heel raises will lengthen through the hamstrings, lower legs, mobilise the ankles. Feel free to add to it with the hovers as shown and the extra core activation. 3-5 repetitions will be great!

Movement prep: inchworm-kickback

A wonderful all rounder for dancers.. Activating & lengthening through the hamstrings and firing up the core. Including the glutes, back (for posture) and anterior core.

Movement prep- Glute activation

I believe all dancers should have some glute activation included in their warm up after raising the heart rate pop these into your routine and prepare those hips!