Pilates Core & Restore class with Kendal.

We had a last minute guest in today. The lovely Kendal is taking a pilates core & restore class for you. If you’d like to work the body a little, restore a little – this is a lovely class to take πŸ™‚

Sunday Mindful Stretch x

This will be another great one to add to your favourites, come back to it after a dance class, a feis, to recover… Really whenever you need that full body check in x

Summer yoga class 3. Progressing.

Progressing that core strength today. There will be challenges – embrace them! If you haven’t done class one and two yet please go back to them. For optimal results – pop this class into your schedule another once or twice throughout the week.

Pilates Restore with Kendal Griffler.

A huge thank you to guest teacher Kendal for delivering this lovely restorative pilates practice for you guys. Wonderful timing if you’re about to head to Nationals. Enjoy it πŸ™‚

Follow along cool down :)

Join me for a Head to Toe cool down, whether you’ve finished practice, a workshop day or feis – let’s take the time to cool down – Your body will thank you for it x

Mobility challenge. Week 4. Full body flow.

Here we go.. As I mentioned in the intro video we are repeating week 3’s flows. Please stick at it. Never do we improve at something when we just do it the once as you know. (however boring it can seem at times! Let’s do it.. More new flows coming towards the end of the week.

Sunday Journal & Full body stretch. May 15th 2022.

Ohhhhh I enjoyed connecting with some of you live and this newly created sequence. I hope it’s good to you too. Please explore the journal prompts given today as I share with you the impact the practice has had on my life over the last 10 years. Enjoy slowing down guys x