Happy hips flow :)

As requested – a lovely short sequence, paring mindfulness the breath and some beautiful hip movements.. Give your body the gift of this short class today x

Hip Flexor Flow with Chloey x

In this practice we challenge the hip flexors through both range of motion and strength at that end range. Both important aspects of improving our dance skills. Remember to consistently practice your deep breathing as that also plays a role in the tension we hold in our body.

Sunday reset. Focus on Lower legs.

Many of you are feising, working towards goals – lots of dance classes each week, so this Sunday is a lovely stretch with a focus on the lower legs. Yoga blocks and a strap/band will come in handy today.

Crossing with coach Fran

A popular request, and as coach Fran says, being able to cross has a lot to do with the flexibility of our hips. Tune in to find out more.

Pointing & toe height with Fran

Working on all the things that will enhance your pointing and toe height. As always, make sure to listen to the cues from coach Fran and really focus on each of the exercises x

Fancy Feet with Chloey

A bonus class for you today.. I hope you learn a few things about your feet today and how to look after them.. We do some lovely work to strengthen our arches, and mobilise through our toes and ankles in this class, A lovely class to come back to frequently x

Leg lines with Coach Fran

In this class Fran guides you through some wonderful exercises to improve your leg lines (straight legs)