Hip power series with Fran. Class two x

Continuing on from last class, grab your mini bands. This is a short class. I’m yet to meet a dancer that doesn’t need more hip strength and power so let’s do it!

Sunday reflections and Hip Mobility x

Grab your journals… These reflections are super important.. Please do the activities!

We also know that if there is any tension anywhere in the hips then it will affect your dancing, so today we move through our hips for range of motion and check in with each area as we go.

This week ask the question… “What would love do.” – Refer to the video 🙂

Oireachtas prep with Chloey. Oct 24th. Journal and Reset.

Grab your journal and pen as we will start with our reflection journaling. I also give journaling prompts for just after competition as many of you are competing on this lead up to Oireachtas.. Whether you compete, teach or dance in shows these prompts are great for all of us! Any questions at all, please reach out x

Clicks, shoots & splits: Class 1

Keeping in mind that getting our clicks, shoots & splits requires both strengthening and lengthening of our muscles. Including strong glutes – helping with supporting the back leg when in splits and keeping those heels off of the floor when extending the front leg. The hip flexors must be strong to lift the front leg. We also work on lengthening the hamstrings in a safe way. Enjoy this first session!