Mobility challenge. Week 3. Lower body flow 3.

Today we focus on the lower leg. A reminder to practice mindfulness throughout your mobility work, really focusing on the task at hand – I understand it’s easy for the mind to wander when in some of those deeper stretches, but once you’ve noticed that that has happened- breathe into it and bring the focus back.

*NEW Irish dance skills work – Slides & reaches.

Delighted to be covering this Irish dance skill.. We can often see on dancers that leg extending out to glide can turn in from time to time.. Learn how to mobilise and strengthen the muscles involved to prevent this happening and improve this skill overall x

*NEW Ankle mobility. Video 6. Exercise 4.

Last one.. A single leg anterior reach. Putting our new range and strength into a functional movement. Screen shot the end of this video for a reminder of the sets and repetitions to do of each exercise.

*NEW Ankle mobility. Video 3. 1st exercise.

We start with Active Self Myofascial release for the calves and achilles area, to help with the tissue pliability around this lower leg area, ultimately helping you to get deeper into dorsi flexion.