Live class Turnout & Core strength (bonus class)

Hi everyone, Chloey here! I took a live class in Raleigh NC recently and decided to record it and share with you all. It’s a class focused on turnout and core strength. If you’re a dance teacher on the academy, feel free to play it to your dancers at class or of course dancers can take it in the comfort of their own home. I hope it’s good to you and if you’ve any questions, ask away!

TURNOUT class with Fran

This class can be used on its own or before dance practice and training to help to enhance your mobility and strength for turnout! Enjoy it x

Movement prep. Adductor switches.

This stretch opens up those inner thighs (the cross over muscles) whilst also helping out our external rotators (turnout muscles) ohhhh and ankle mobility – So a great all rounder!