*NEW Easing anxious thoughts meditation

Feeling a little overwhelmed with your thoughts? Let’s create some space and sit with how we are feeling.. You might just find that by taking this time, the thoughts and emotions that come with them soon ease a little.

Clouds meditation – creating space in the mind :)

I hope this meditation will be good to you. This one I am sat with you versus just recording my voice. The sound I don’t think is perfect – but it’s a good job we strive for excellence on the academy and not perfection right?! I’m always interested to hear you thoughts and feedback. So do give me a shout. This meditation is a similar idea to our “leaves on a stream” one. This is my personal favourite! A reminder that thoughts and emotions, like clouds, are ever-evolving, ever-shifting, passing by!

Sunday Sesh – Ultimate Recovery :)

Taking a rest day but would like to do some movement? then this is a great one! Take an emotional check in with this ‘check in’ meditation, then onto some gentle stretching From Head to Toe 🙂

*NEW Cultivating Calm Part 1.

That feeling of calm, it starts from within – we can learn to do this – to self-regulate – with some great tools.

One of the best things I have ever done for myself is to learn to regulate. In this 2 part series I share with you my top tips for easing anxiety and stress and cultivating calm x

Learning to respond and not react meditation

One of the greatest things I have done for myself and the way I show up in this world is to practice pausing before reacting. We all go through times of challenge and adversity and as dancers we have our fair share of disappointments..
Honestly, I used to be quite reactive, which I now realise just isn’t very helpful.
This week has come with a couple of setbacks for me and the difference is that now I have the ability to pause, create some space, see things from a different perspective and then respond in a much calmer, more peaceful way. It’s truly a beautiful thing to be able to cultivate – Like anything worth while, it takes practice..