TURNOUT class with Fran

This class can be used on its own or before dance practice and training to help to enhance your mobility and strength for turnout! Enjoy it x

Irish dance skills work – Slides & reaches.

Delighted to be covering this Irish dance skill.. We can often see on dancers that leg extending out to glide can turn in from time to time.. Learn how to mobilise and strengthen the muscles involved to prevent this happening and improve this skill overall x

Core series. Obliques.

Another lesson on the core from Fran. Please go through each of the first 5 sessions and take note before we move forward 🙂

Core series. Plank progressions.

In this class we learn some plank progressions, a more challenging position. We see many common errors when dancers take on plank positions so let’s learn how to do these variations correctly before we progress our core training x