12 tips of Christmas. Tip 8 with Fran. Lets get Snappy :)

A question often asked.. How do I get my movements more snappy? Here is Fran with her latest Christmas tip and insight on this subject.

Please keep in mind that the programs Fran runs throughout the year work to develop that overall strength, speed sharpness and ultimately help with snappier movements.

Anterior Pelvic tilt. Class 3. Activation.

Now we have assessed and mobilised the tighter muscle groups, we must get stronger enough to be able to hold our new range of motion. To be able to hold a better posture and not stick out our butts during a dance will require optimal strength.

Anterior pelvic tilt. Class 1. Assessment

What is an anterior pelvic tilt? and do you have an anterior pelvic tilt? Find out with Coach Fran with this assessment.. From here we will then learn to fix it and improve your posture for Irish Dance.