Follow along cool down :)

Join me for a Head to Toe cool down, whether you’ve finished practice, a workshop day or feis – let’s take the time to cool down – Your body will thank you for it x

TURNOUT class with Fran

This class can be used on its own or before dance practice and training to help to enhance your mobility and strength for turnout! Enjoy it x

Movement prep. Adductor switches.

This stretch opens up those inner thighs (the cross over muscles) whilst also helping out our external rotators (turnout muscles) ohhhh and ankle mobility – So a great all rounder!

Cool down in 5 minutes

A great post dance class cool down.. It can be nice after a vigorous class to walk around a little first to allow the heart rate to come back down before stretching. With me talking the cool-down is a little longer than 5 mins but each stretch is performed for just 30 seconds. No excuses to just run out of class (hehe) Enjoy x

Recover, Restore, Refresh.

Recovering from our toes up to our head. Refresh the mind-body the evening before you compete and after day one at worlds. Pair this with the visualisation meditation and you’ve a beautiful evening routine 🙂

Warming up for front clicks :)

Try adding this dynamic sequence into your warm up routine to prep those hamstrings and hips for work! Imagine how much your clicks and shoots etc would improve even just adding these into every pre dance class 🙂

Follow along Feis day warm up

Using the R.A.M.P warm up protocol I guide you through a feis day movement prep.. A popular request from our members. Feel free to foam roll before you get going!  Enjoy it x