Oireachtas prep Recover & Journal

The movement part of this class will be great to come back to and use as a cool down. Please have your journals ready! There will be journalling prompts each Sunday and often times popping up during the week throughout Oireachtas prep so look out for them x

Wind down & reflect

I often talk about the importance of self reflection as a dancing athlete.. It’s super important for growth as you’ll learn in this video. Create some space, grab your journal, pen and yoga mat x

Movement prep: Walking lunges

An all rounder for lower body. Activating the quads and glutes primarily. A great staple for all dancers. Try 10 repetitions or the length of a room/studio.

Movement prep: Ostrich stretch

Hips n Hamstrings – A Riverdance favourite back stage mobility move.. Pop a few of these in whilst waiting back stage to perform.