*NEW Sunday feels flow..

Slow & stretchy.. With a breath-work and visualisation session to start with. This practice is like a little assessment too.. If your goal is too improve ‘flexibility’.. You’ll notice where you hold tension.

Haven’t we started Oireachtas prep in a beautiful way 😉 ?

Yoga for posture. Sun Sept 4th.

This class will be another lovely one to come back to. If you’re sitting for long periods throughout the day now that you’re back at school/work then popping this into your schedule will be lovely.

Fancy Feet with Chloey

A bonus class for you today.. I hope you learn a few things about your feet today and how to look after them.. We do some lovely work to strengthen our arches, and mobilise through our toes and ankles in this class, A lovely class to come back to frequently x

Summer series with Chloey – Final Class!

Last week there was a focus on hip rotation and core strengthening. Today there’s more focus on hip flexion (bringing the knee to chest) and hip extension (using the glutes).We still get a workout in on that core!

Enjoy the last class of my summer series. I hope it’s been good to you and your feeling nice and mobile with a strong core.. Going forward in studio practice – focus on finding that stack – shoulders in line with ribs, ribs inline with hips 🙂

Summer Yoga. Core & Clicks class.

This class will be a great one to keep coming back to, for those that wish to improve your strength and flexibility for front clicks. If you’ve completed the clicks, shoots and splits program or the 14 day journey to splits practice, you’ll understand that certain key muscle groups are important to think of when mastering stronger, sharper clicks, this includes: Abdominal strength, upper back strength, hip flexor flexibility, hamstring flexibility and strong glutes.

Summer yoga class 4.

In this class we again start on our backs working into our anterior core (front body) before taking some time for hip mobility and plank work. And gradually making our way to a standing sequence. Please listen to the cues given! Enjoy it x

Summer yoga class 3. Progressing.

Progressing that core strength today. There will be challenges – embrace them! If you haven’t done class one and two yet please go back to them. For optimal results – pop this class into your schedule another once or twice throughout the week.