Stretch & Strengthen the hamstrings. Sunday May 22nd.

Today we stretch and strengthen those hamstrings as well as weaving in an attitude of mindfulness – Acceptance! Have your journals with you and remember to take the practice of self-acceptance with you off of the mat today.

Sunday Journal & Full body stretch. May 15th 2022.

Ohhhhh I enjoyed connecting with some of you live and this newly created sequence. I hope it’s good to you too. Please explore the journal prompts given today as I share with you the impact the practice has had on my life over the last 10 years. Enjoy slowing down guys x

Yoga for Hips! Sunday May 8th.

Please enjoy this live class recording of a juicy yoga flow for opening those hips.. A wonderful practice to keep coming back to and if you’re taking part in the mobility month, you’ll be getting those extra gains in 😉 Enjoy it. We also finish today with a journaling prompt so have your journals ready x

*NEW Ankle mobility. Video 6. Exercise 4.

Last one.. A single leg anterior reach. Putting our new range and strength into a functional movement. Screen shot the end of this video for a reminder of the sets and repetitions to do of each exercise.

*NEW Ankle mobility. Video 3. 1st exercise.

We start with Active Self Myofascial release for the calves and achilles area, to help with the tissue pliability around this lower leg area, ultimately helping you to get deeper into dorsi flexion.