*NEW Compassion Yoga part 2. May 28th class.

Last class I introduced to you a little yoga philosophy and basically it starts with compassion and kindness towards ourselves. This is what we aim to cultivate again today with our meditation before we move our bodies gently.. Another great hips sequence 😉

Creating space Yoga :)

Creating space in our physical body, releasing tension. Creating space between our thoughts, And creating space to just be! I’m sure you’ll all relate in some way to my story at the beginning lol.. Let’s settle those bubbles 😉

Earth Day Yoga. A lovely grounding practice.

Whenever you feel as though you can’t seem to quieten down the mind. Those days when you feel a little “all over the place’ as I would say, try this yoga practice and ground yourself in the here and the now. “I am safe. I am secure. I am grounded.”

Sunday Sesh – Ultimate Recovery :)

Taking a rest day but would like to do some movement? then this is a great one! Take an emotional check in with this ‘check in’ meditation, then onto some gentle stretching From Head to Toe 🙂