*NEW Sunday Hip Mobility!

Something a little different today.. One of my favourite hip classes.. A class to leave you feeling strong and mobile!

*NEW Self compassion meditation & full body mindful stretch.

How do you talk to yourself & feel when you make mistakes? Or fall short of your goals? when you experience challenges? If you find yourself consistently hard on yourself and this ultimately affecting your confidence and self worth then let’s learn to cultivate self compassion. We can do this through practice! Follow along with todays class 😉

Yoga with Chloey. August 6th. Includes a talk on acceptance!

As we head into a new season of dance, wouldn’t it be wonderful to focus on all that’s in our control and let go of the rest. To let go and not attach ourselves to the past competitive year and move forward with a new & fresh perspective, knowing there’s new and fresh opportunities! Let’s do it. Let’s accept ourselves as we are today, in this moment and from there we can move forward with ease & joy.

*NEW Cultivating calm meditation & Hip Mobility sequence.

The last class of my 4 part hip series involves moving through all movements of the hips.. Internal and external rotation, hip flexion and extension and adduction and abduction.. Notice any areas of tension! This will be a great class to keep coming back to! We start the class with a calming meditation x

Hip series. Part three. Adduction & Abduction.

Today we work with 2 other movements of the hips.. Adduction (moving the leg toward the body) and Abduction (taking the leg away from the body) These muscles help with crossing and stability of the hips. Let’s check in to see if we might be holding on to any tension here and work to improve these actions.