*NEW Yoga for the sciatic nerve. What does this mean?..

Perhaps you’ve been working on your hamstring flexibility for a while now and there’s still a lot of tension. Do you also feel hamstring stretches in your calf muscles?

Give this sequence a go and see if it eases some tension. There is a nerve that goes from the spine to the foot and it can get in the way of our mobility so this class might help to relieve some of that stress.

Hip Flexor Flow with Chloey x

In this practice we challenge the hip flexors through both range of motion and strength at that end range. Both important aspects of improving our dance skills. Remember to consistently practice your deep breathing as that also plays a role in the tension we hold in our body.

Calming breath & movement class

A gorgeous 30-minute practice to focus your awareness on the connection of movement and breath. This would be great for leading up to a performance that brings on your stress response as with this practice we work on tapping into the bodies relaxation response.

Sunday recovery with Fran

Starting today with some foam rolling – don’t worry if you don’t have one – you can skip forward to the next parts. Enjoy your time of active rest 🙂

Pilates Core & Restore class with Kendal.

We had a last minute guest in today. The lovely Kendal is taking a pilates core & restore class for you. If you’d like to work the body a little, restore a little – this is a lovely class to take 🙂