Yoga for the Core – Bonus class! :)

This class focuses on breathing whilst bracing the muscles of the core: Remember that if you were to chop your arms and legs off thats your core – so lots of muscle groups included. We take this class nice & slowly really feeling into each muscle and their function.

Desk relief

A short effective class to reset a body that has been sat down for a long period. So whether you’ve been at school, work, travelling for a long period, take a small amount of time and pop this in at the end of your day. Or throughout the day if possible.

Restore, revive, let go!

Some great lessons to be learned in this class. A recording from a live class in 2020.. Learning to restore, revive and let go of any past disappointments. Exhale aaaaand… release!

Full body reset

A great one to keep coming back to. Full body reset – from head to toe. A perfect Sunday session.

Yoga for an anterior pelvic tilt (duck butt)

Sticking out your bottom when you dance? this can switch off our glutes, tighten our hips flexors and really lead to a whole host of issues! Try this one and let us know how you get on x

Yoga for the upper body

A great class for opening up those shoulders & relieving any tension in the upper body. Beautiful for posture and confidence.

Lower body mobility

A great way to check in with where you might be holding any tension in the lower body & improve the mobility.

Slow & Stretchy

Recover, breathe and improve flexibility. One to keep coming back to for sure!

Simply hips flow

Who doesn’t need more mobility in those hips? 😉 30 mins of freeing them up!