Follow along cool down :)

Join me for a Head to Toe cool down, whether you’ve finished practice, a workshop day or feis – let’s take the time to cool down – Your body will thank you for it x

Oireachtas prep with Chloey. Oct 24th. Journal and Reset.

Grab your journal and pen as we will start with our reflection journaling. I also give journaling prompts for just after competition as many of you are competing on this lead up to Oireachtas.. Whether you compete, teach or dance in shows these prompts are great for all of us! Any questions at all, please reach out x

Oireachtas prep Recover & Journal

The movement part of this class will be great to come back to and use as a cool down. Please have your journals ready! There will be journalling prompts each Sunday and often times popping up during the week throughout Oireachtas prep so look out for them x

Desk relief

A short effective class to reset a body that has been sat down for a long period. So whether you’ve been at school, work, travelling for a long period, take a small amount of time and pop this in at the end of your day. Or throughout the day if possible.

Wind down & reflect

I often talk about the importance of self reflection as a dancing athlete.. It’s super important for growth as you’ll learn in this video. Create some space, grab your journal, pen and yoga mat x