*NEW Self compassion meditation.

I hope this meditation is good to you this season! I believe one of the best things that dancer’s can learn to practice for a more joyful career in dance & life, is self compassion & kindness!

*NEW YOU’VE GOT THIS! Meditation :)

Guiding you to a state of flow, a magical place to be to be able to perform at our very best. I hope you’ll add this meditation to your favourites list and use it to train your mind for peak performance 🙂

*NEW Easing anxious thoughts meditation

Feeling a little overwhelmed with your thoughts? Let’s create some space and sit with how we are feeling.. You might just find that by taking this time, the thoughts and emotions that come with them soon ease a little.

Clouds meditation – creating space in the mind :)

I hope this meditation will be good to you. This one I am sat with you versus just recording my voice. The sound I don’t think is perfect – but it’s a good job we strive for excellence on the academy and not perfection right?! I’m always interested to hear you thoughts and feedback. So do give me a shout. This meditation is a similar idea to our “leaves on a stream” one. This is my personal favourite! A reminder that thoughts and emotions, like clouds, are ever-evolving, ever-shifting, passing by!

Anterior pelvic tilt. Class 1. Assessment

What is an anterior pelvic tilt? and do you have an anterior pelvic tilt? Find out with Coach Fran with this assessment.. From here we will then learn to fix it and improve your posture for Irish Dance.