Hamstring Flexibility/Mobility/Strength Sequence. *Shorter class*

You’re here because you have assessed your hamstrings and you know that they are tight. Please do this routine 3-5x a week and keep re-assessing and checking in on your progress. If you’re not sure whether your hamstrings are tight, please head to the assessment area of the on demand library.


Pre practice encouragement, body gratitude, breathe, mobility, goals & intentions!

In this class I encourage body gratitude, acceptance, we do the cyclic breath for calm and focus as well as a full body mobility sequence, then we set a goal and intention for the day or dance class. A nice little boost I hope! It can be easy to get swept up in the challenges that dance can bring, this class might help you to shift perspective a little and bring you back to a place of kindness towards yourself and gratitude. I hope the poem shared, my thoughts and insights as well as the movement piece are good to you. As always, I am interested in your thoughts and feedback 🙂

Yoga blocks might come in handy and a yoga mat. Feel free to spend more time in any particular movement given if you wish.

Enjoy it!

Morning mobility flow – Ties in nicely with front splits work ;)

A request from some of you guys was to create some short energising morning movement/mobility sequences. In this one we start with a shake, the breath of joy and we move through a sequence that will help to enhance front splits and extensions. I hope you enjoy. I recorded this on New Year’s eve, so Happy New Year all!

TOE HEIGHT Program. Class 1.

Ever told to keep you heels off of the ground? Pull up? etc.. We got you! Let’s talk all things high on toes. Lot’s of learning in this first lesson. Please take notes 🙂