Stretch & Strengthen the hamstrings. Sunday May 22nd.

Today we stretch and strengthen those hamstrings as well as weaving in an attitude of mindfulness – Acceptance! Have your journals with you and remember to take the practice of self-acceptance with you off of the mat today.

Yoga for Hips! Sunday May 8th.

Please enjoy this live class recording of a juicy yoga flow for opening those hips.. A wonderful practice to keep coming back to and if you’re taking part in the mobility month, you’ll be getting those extra gains in 😉 Enjoy it. We also finish today with a journaling prompt so have your journals ready x

Release & Reflect. Sunday March 27th. Part 1

A beautiful Sunday session.. We check in with how we feel, the mind/body & breath and move mindfully throughout. Please check out part 2 of this class afterwards where we journal and reflect.

Sunday Yoga for Ukraine

In this Sunday class, we keep the people of Ukraine in our minds and hearts.  We breathe, cultivate calm and move mindfully. We also work with this mantra..

“I am feeling what I am feeling and that is ok.”

Sunday Journal & Yoga for posture x

Many of you are Feising, upping your dance classes and home practice right now. Please take some time for recovery and a check in with how you feel in mind, body and spirit – open those journals as we reflect on the week and then move through a lovely sequence for posture x

Performance profiling with Dr Lucie Clements

In this session we will explore how Performance Profiling can help you to focus on your New Year goals and aims for 2022.

You will learn a new technique for determining areas you value for success in Irish Dance. We will then use this to identify areas for improvement in your technique and training, and learn how to use this to underpin the goals you set for 2022!