Learning to respond and not react meditation

One of the greatest things I have done for myself and the way I show up in this world is to practice pausing before reacting. We all go through times of challenge and adversity and as dancers we have our fair share of disappointments..
Honestly, I used to be quite reactive, which I now realise just isn’t very helpful.
This week has come with a couple of setbacks for me and the difference is that now I have the ability to pause, create some space, see things from a different perspective and then respond in a much calmer, more peaceful way. It’s truly a beautiful thing to be able to cultivate – Like anything worth while, it takes practice..

Assessment 5. Shoulder flexion.

Strong mobile shoulders = improved posture! The importance of shoulder and upper back mobility cannot be underestimated. A lot in our lifestyle can mean we are often sat with forward rounded shoulders, hunched backs and what I like to call “text neck”. From using our devices more to school work and driving – it all can affect our posture. Let’s assess this simple movement and improve our posture overtime.

Assessment 3. 90/90 hip mobility.

Holding tightness and tension in the hips is a common complaint for dancers.. It’s easy to understand why with all of our movement coming from this area. Any tightness around the hips and we restrict our range of motion – from sharp cuts to clicks and turnout & crossing. Hip mobility is something that needs consistent work and attention for the dancing athlete. For now let’s assess how we look and feel executing the 90/90 hip mobility drill.