Journaling course. Day 9.

Today we follow on from yesterday with a daily tracker to help prevent overwhelm on the way to your goals and enhance gratitude x

Journaling course. Day 2.

We will take a look at what would make 2022 a great one for you when you look back in 12 months.

How we can look at the soul and doing more of what brings us joy… And more! Enjoy! x

Journey to splits Introduction x

Welcome to your journey to splits. Throughout the 14 days we will visit different types of movements and ways of stretching. This is not a quick fix to splits, but instead it’s an in-depth start to your progress towards splits – I will give you very useful tools to get there and to also be able to improve various dance skills. Do take photos but also bring along your journals and pens to jot down any thoughts and feelings throughout.. Keep in mind that success comes from being aware, from showing up and from being present – anything else is a bonus.

Oh I can’t wait… Get your things together and let’s do it 🙂

Movement prep- Glute activation

I believe all dancers should have some glute activation included in their warm up after raising the heart rate pop these into your routine and prepare those hips!