The role of psychology in injury prevention.

WOW. What a workshop! More extremely valuable lessons on another super important topic with our Head to Toe Dance Psychologist Dr Lucie Clements! Grab your journals and take notes.

Post Competition Reflection

With Dr Lucie Clements. In this workshop we will focus on post competition reflection – including how to show yourself kindness in evaluating your performance, how to refocus your mind and how to set goals moving forwards.

Injury prevention with Fran. Hips.

Ever feel pinching in the hips? Tightness in the quads? Fran will help you to find some relief and help prevent injury in this overused area of an Irish dancer’s body.

Sunday Journal & Recovery :)

Reflecting and restoring today through journaling and mindful movement. Some interesting prompts to explore. Any questions at all give me a shout. Chloey x

“This week I will focus on all that is in my control.”