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Yoga with chloey

This monthly membership is a space for you to show up and take time for yourself to connect, heal and grow through the power of yoga and mindfulness meditation. Yoga with me isn’t just about yoga on the mat, it’s about unity, connection, community and personal growth. You will feel nourished and revived, a sense of ease and grace.. Ready to take on whatever life throws your way. The impact this wonderful practice has had on my life has been quite profound and I am excited to share this gift with you and to be with you throughout your journey. I am so excited! Let's do this xx

Yoga With Chloey



$25 / Month

Move your body and feed your soul with
  • New Yoga flows added weekly. Each week new yoga practices will be dropped into your library, Ranging from 15 minutes to 60 minutes practices. You'll also have access to yoga challenges.
  • Guided mindfulness meditation practices. A new meditation will be dropped each month. Through meditation we create space to explore your thoughts and emotions (non judgementally), cultivate calm, ease and self compassion. This is a huge part of my work as your teacher.
  • Journaling prompts will be uploaded frequently. Another wonderful opportunity to look at your thoughts & emotions, get to know yourself better and look back at how far you've come on your journey.
  • Tutorials and movement breakdowns. In this area we will look into breaking down asanas - explore the alignment cues, variations and modifications to suit you as an individual.

Chloey Turner

Yoga, movement, mindset
For the past 12 years, I have toured the world as a principal dancer in the Grammy award winning show, Riverdance. I’m a fully qualified personal trainer and yoga teacher. The beautiful practice of yoga and Eastern philosophy as literally transformed my life and the relationship that I have with myself. For most of my life I kept my often crippling anxiety and depression a secret. My father became my confidant from a young age until he passed away suddenly in my twenties. I then continued to keep my panic attacks and long bouts of depression to myself until it became impossible to cope on my own. I am now comfortable speaking about the highs and lows to date, share the steps I took towards getting better and the tools I continue to use daily to keep a healthy, happy mind and body. I feel blessed to be in the position to be able to give back and help you on your journey towards becoming your best self. Thank you for choosing to practice with me xx