Graceful Goddess Flow x

Today we are stepping into our goddess energy. This is a strong, grounding and fluid energy, but with a beautiful softness and compassion to it, think dancer! Please enjoy it x

7 Day Mindful Movement. Day 7. Moving with Gratitude.

A great way to finish our week of mindful morning movement is to move with gratitude. Celebrate everything that yoga means to you, celebrate yourself for continuously showing up on your mat and celebrate what an honour it is to have yoga in our lives.

7 Day Mindful Movement. Day 4. Upper body

You probably figured this was coming after lower body 🙂 I enjoyed this one and felt great afterwards.. This tends to be where I personally hold on to tension, around the neck, traps and shoulders. I hope you enjoy it and have a beautiful day x

Elements series: Air

“My heart is full of gratitude. I count my blessings every day. I give thanks to all expressions of love and light.” Opening into the heart space, the upper back and chest.. Creating space to receive Air!

Elements series: Playing with FIRE!

I do love a fiery flow and hope you enjoy this one. This element is associated with the Chakra Manipura..
A few characteristics of a balanced Manipura..
Acknowledges one’s unlimited potential. Stands by his/her belief system Feels empowered, confident and motivated. Sets healthy boundaries and says “No” when necessary.