Elements series: Air

“My heart is full of gratitude. I count my blessings every day. I give thanks to all expressions of love and light.” Opening into the heart space, the upper back and chest.. Creating space to receive Air!

Elements series: Water

Oh how I love flows dedicated to this element.. Think fluid and free like water. As always listen to your own body and take pauses when you need to.

A spicy power flow

Short & spicy. Igniting our sense of power with a fiery dynamic practice. Enjoy and take pauses when you need to.

Empowering energising flow

Highly recommend doing this class first thing in the morning, waking up energised! We will tap into our own empowering energy and allow it to carry us through this practice, connecting to a sense of playfulness and aliveness as we go.

Super sun sals vinyasa flow

I absolutely love today’s yoga flow, so I hope you do to! Taking something as simple as a sun salutation and jazzing it up a bit to find some strength and power is one of my favourite ways to practice. As always, take pauses in child’s pose when you need to and stay connected to the breath.