Honouring the shadows flow

Today we tap into all the unmet parts of the body, feeling strong and powerful. Let’s honour every part of the body for what it is, seeing the shadows, the darker parts and find love and acceptance for it all. Expect some warriors and chaturangas in this dynamic hug for your body and soul!

Soft & Strong Flow

Expect a soft strength to this practice as we flow through the full body. Please enjoy x

Ready to Receive

This 25 minute sequence will open the heart space, soften the whole body and will prepare you soul for sleep. By adjusting to surrender and being open to receiving, we can be more aligned with acceptance, rather than forcing what we think should come next

Rise & shine

Reclaiming our energy and personal power this morning x

Wakey Wakey :)

A dynamic wake up call, you’ll be firing up into the lower body, giving yourself that power push into the day ahead. Whether you spend your day sat down at a desk, or you’re up on your feet, this will give you the mobility and strength you need to thrive. Arrive here today with a sense of gratitude and know that wherever you are at today is enough!

Feminine, Fluid & Strong x

A 30-minute flow to tap into embrace and celebrate your womanhood, whist moving fluidly around the mat. Ignite your feminine energy, empower your soul and leave the space feeling lifted and energised. Sending you love today and every other day x

Lateral strength flow

In this 30-minute lateral strength flow, we’ll be strengthening the side body through vashisthasana, plank, and more. As always, find your edge and breathe into it. Take modifications and moments to pause whenever you need to.

Slow Strength Flow

Kicking off a month dedicated to strength with a whole body slow flow strength practice, cultivating our sense of inner strength just as much as our outer strength. Take moments to pause as often as you need, and as always listen to your body.

Journey to splits. Day 2.

Today we focus on strength, you’ll be firing up through the whole lower body, working into the glutes, hamstrings and quads. At any time that this session gets too much, come back to your intention and back to that self-awareness. Take moments to pause as often as you need and challenge your strength when you see fit.

Journey to splits introduction x

Welcome to your journey to splits. Throughout this 14-day journey we’ll visit different types of movements and ways of stretching. This is by no means a “quick fix” to splits, but instead it’s an in-depth start to your progress towards splits. If you would like to, take progress photos, but also journal your thoughts and feelings throughout. Remember, the success comes from being aware, from showing up and from being present. Anything else is just a bonus.