*NEW Anahata Mandala flow

Today’s practice aims to open space in and around your heart, physically, energetically and emotionally. Opening the front of the body will aid the connection to your breath, your heart and the air element.

*NEW Svadhisthana Mandala

A 45 minute fluid water-inspired mandala with a focus on opening deep into the hips and tapping into the Sacral Chakra – the centre of our emotions, feelings and expression.

*NEW Mini Mandala Flow

I’ve very much enjoyed practicing Mandala sequencing over the last few weeks. I do hope you enjoy this next month of moving 360 around the mat with the intention of lighthearted playfulness.

Dynamic Vinyasa Flow

A 45-minute dynamic and energising vinyasa flow. Lean into playfulness, compassion and challenge your inner strength while we flow. This sequence is a mixture of balances, strength, hip & heart openers. Enjoy!

Honouring the shadows flow

Today we tap into all the unmet parts of the body, feeling strong and powerful. Let’s honour every part of the body for what it is, seeing the shadows, the darker parts and find love and acceptance for it all. Expect some warriors and chaturangas in this dynamic hug for your body and soul!

Soft & Strong Flow

Expect a soft strength to this practice as we flow through the full body. Please enjoy x

Vijnanamaya kosha. The wisdom sheath.

Today is all about intuition and focusing your attention on what feels good. Be opened minded as you explore this practice and your body, surrender and let go to all that is not serving you.

Annamaya Kosha. The physical sheath.

In this 25-minute vinyasa we’ll be connecting to our physical sheath, annamaya kosha. As well as being about the physical body in the way we can see it, annamaya kosha is about how we nourish the body with food and drink, how we move the body and how we feel as deep down as the bones.


Root to Rise vinyasa flow

Rooting down to rise up, developing strong, stable roots. “Only with strong roots and firm foundations can I truly rise up to meet my full potential.”

Ease into the day flow

This is a gentle, stretchy 30 minute vinyasa, perfect for all levels to ease into the day, with a little bit of balance work.