Manomaya Kosha. The mental sheath.

Manomaya Kosha.. Manas is a Sanskrit word for mind. We looked at the physical body in the Annamaya Kosha, then the energetic body in the Pranamaya Kosha and now we bring awareness to the mind. Our thoughts, emotions, memories, decisions and intellect are directed by the manomaya kosha. In today’s practice we bring focus and clarity to the mind with meditation. I hope this is good to you x

Good evening stretch

A yoga sequence that can be done in bed as well as on your yoga mat. Sleep well yoga family x

7 Day Mindful Movement. Day 7. Moving with Gratitude.

A great way to finish our week of mindful morning movement is to move with gratitude. Celebrate everything that yoga means to you, celebrate yourself for continuously showing up on your mat and celebrate what an honour it is to have yoga in our lives.

7 Day Mindful Movement. Day 4. Upper body

You probably figured this was coming after lower body 🙂 I enjoyed this one and felt great afterwards.. This tends to be where I personally hold on to tension, around the neck, traps and shoulders. I hope you enjoy it and have a beautiful day x