Body & Breath soothing class

A gorgeous 30-minute practice to focus your awareness on the connection of movement and breath. With this practice we work on tapping into the bodies relaxation response.

Yoga for mental strength

This flow is to help you align to your inner courage and mental strength. When we’re struggling with heaviness or low days, it can be helpful to move the body, to get the juices flowing and to release any tension that could be making us feel worse. I send you this video with love and compassion. You are not alone.

Anahata Mandala flow

Today’s practice aims to open space in and around your heart, physically, energetically and emotionally. Opening the front of the body will aid the connection to your breath, your heart and the air element.

Yoga for anxiety and stress

I encourage you to come back to this practice whenever you need and even when you don’t need – to help manage stress and anxiety that arises.  Today we sooth the nervous system and shift into a calmer more restful place x

Flexibility & Mobility Flow

In this 30 minute flow we will be working on our flexibility & mobility. This can be a practice that you come back to again and again, perfect as an energising morning stretch.

PLEASE NOTE… My mistake! I forget to do the deep quad stretch from low lunge position on the left side – feel free to pause me during the practice and pop it in on the left also. My apologies, I didn’t notice until I uploaded it.

Soft & Strong Flow

Expect a soft strength to this practice as we flow through the full body. Please enjoy x

Anandamaya kosha. The Bliss sheath.

The Anandamaya kosha is referred to as the bliss body. It’s the deepest and subtlest of all layers — so much so that some people even say you can’t use words to describe it. Instead, it must be felt and experienced. As you move on your mat today, feel into the transitions, the moments in between, the deeper journey, rather than just the end goal. As always, lean into what YOU need today.

I think this lady explains the Koshas very well:

Vijnanamaya kosha. The wisdom sheath.

Today is all about intuition and focusing your attention on what feels good. Be opened minded as you explore this practice and your body, surrender and let go to all that is not serving you.

Dream state.

The first practice of a new month with the theme ‘Dreamy’ where we encourage better evening habits and learn to balance the nervous system. In this class our focus is on stimulating the vagus nerve. I am leaving this link here below to a short video from my mentor Ashley Turner talking about the vagus nerve for you to check out also.

Root to Rise vinyasa flow

Rooting down to rise up, developing strong, stable roots. “Only with strong roots and firm foundations can I truly rise up to meet my full potential.”