Journey to splits. Day 11.

Today we work through a mixture of strength and mobility before making our way into our splits. You will need your blocks and socks.

Journey to splits. Day 8.

Today we feel into the strength and stability of the glutes and hamstrings. We’ll re-visit a few of the exercises from day 2 and make our way into some splits fun at the end. Grab all of your props including socks x

Journey to splits. Day 6.

On day 6 of our journey to splits, we look at splits from a standing and balancing point of view. This will allow you to feel the difference of your splits when you don’t have gravity on your side. Again, we’ll finish this practice contracting and activating our splits stretch, before moving into our fullest split to see how it feels.

Elements series: Air

“My heart is full of gratitude. I count my blessings every day. I give thanks to all expressions of love and light.” Opening into the heart space, the upper back and chest.. Creating space to receive Air!