Journey to splits. Day 14.

CONGRATS. You did it! Thank you for joining me. I do hope you enjoyed it. Grab your journals and reflect on this 14 days. Please remember the initial video where I mentioned that this was not a quick fix to splits.. If you managed to get there.. Fantastic! For some it may take another 14 days, and thats ok! Keep going, stay consistent and be kind to yourself along the way! x

Journey to splits. Day 12.

A Strong and flexy flow today before making our way into splits! Enjoy it 🙂

Please note that I make a mistake and forget to do the half 90 internal rotation stretch on the left side! Oops! I do highlight this through text in the video. Please do it on both sides xx

Journey to splits. Day 11.

Today we work through a mixture of strength and mobility before making our way into our splits. You will need your blocks and socks.

Journey to splits. Day 10.

Day 10 – please take a moment to acknowledge yourself for the work so far! Enjoy this mixture of passive and active movements before making our way into splits.

Journey to splits. Day 9.

For today’s practice you will need a wall or couch nearby for a particular stretch. We start today with some slow controlled stretching before some fluid and flowy moves.

Journey to splits. Day 8.

Today we feel into the strength and stability of the glutes and hamstrings. We’ll re-visit a few of the exercises from day 2 and make our way into some splits fun at the end. Grab all of your props including socks x

Journey to splits. Day 7.

Half way point! How are you enjoying this journey so far? Open those journals and write about some of the lessons you’ve learned so far. Today we work mobility, particularly in those hips and also strength. Towards the end we come into deeper stretching. As always, breathe!

Journey to splits. Day 6.

In day 6 of our journey to splits, we look at splits from a standing and balancing point of view. This will allow you to feel the difference of your splits when you don’t have gravity on your side. Again, we’ll finish this practice contracting and activating our splits stretch, before moving into our fullest split to see how it feels.

Journey to splits. Day 5.

In this 30-minute flow, we’ll work between active and passive movements, exploring the depth and range of motion in each. Active shapes might not feel as deep as when you’re passive, but there is a lot to be learnt here and having awareness of both is important for safely delving deeper into our splits.

*Passive stretching – aka relaxed stretching. Where you assume a position and hold it with another part of your body.

*Active – Holding a stretch with no assistance. Using the strength of your muscles.