Journey to splits. Day 4.

Today we look to find fluidity within the movement and breath, cultivating a dance-like sensation between the two as we flow through a lower body sequence, opening up into the hip space. We’ll finish this practice with some PNF (Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) stretching to really activate the split and see how we’re progressing.

P.S my apologies for the length of this one as I was hoping to keep them all to 30 mins.. I got a bit excited! x

Journey to splits. Day 3.

Today we slow it down and find a deep energetic stretch in this yin style yoga practice. I encourage you to bring props and as much cushioning as you’d like. Yes, we want to stretch, but this is also a time for reflection and looking inwards, quite a meditative practice this one.

Journey to splits. Day 2.

Today we focus on strength, you’ll be firing up through the whole lower body, working into the glutes, hamstrings and quads. At any time that this session gets too much, come back to your intention and back to that self-awareness. Take moments to pause as often as you need and challenge your strength when you see fit.

Journey to splits. Day 1.

In this 30-minute practice, we’ll be checking in with the lower body and arriving in this 14-day series. We will be deeply stretching and activating the lower body, so make sure you’ve got all the props you need and come with a mind of acceptance and openness.

Journey to splits Introduction x

Welcome to your journey to splits. Throughout the 14 days we will visit different types of movements and ways of stretching. This is not a quick fix to splits, but instead it’s an in-depth start to your progress towards splits – I will give you very useful tools to get there and to also be able to improve various dance skills. Do take photos but also bring along your journals and pens to jot down any thoughts and feelings throughout.. Keep in mind that success comes from being aware, from showing up and from being present – anything else is a bonus.

Oh I can’t wait… Get your things together and let’s do it 🙂