Mobility month bonus class. Spinal flow.

Let’s take a seat.. And bring awareness to our spine today. Spinal mobility is super important, yet how often do we think about it? Some of the benefits of increasing spine mobility, especially in the thoracic spine (upper back)

  • Better range of motion throughout the upper body
  • A less-rounded upper back
  • Improves lung capacity, enabling us to breathe easier

Mobility challenge. Week 3. Lower body flow 3.

Today we focus on the lower leg. A reminder to practice mindfulness throughout your mobility work, really focusing on the task at hand – I understand it’s easy for the mind to wander when in some of those deeper stretches, but once you’ve noticed that that has happened- breathe into it and bring the focus back.

Core series. Plank progressions.

In this class we learn some plank progressions, a more challenging position. We see many common errors when dancers take on plank positions so let’s learn how to do these variations correctly before we progress our core training x

Post performance meditation with Feis app.

It really is incredibly important to check in with how we feel after each performance and learn to manage the emotions that can arise. Again, please keep coming back to this meditation and consider it just as important as your physical practice. With love to you all x