Crossing with coach Fran

A popular request, and as coach Fran says, being able to cross has a lot to do with the flexibility of our hips. Tune in to find out more.

Pointing & toe height with Fran

Working on all the things that will enhance your pointing and toe height. As always, make sure to listen to the cues from coach Fran and really focus on each of the exercises x

Posture, Core & Carriage with Coach Fran

Ok, here we go! the start of a 4 part skills series before we kick off into Oireachtas prep.

Working all of those muscles for a beautiful strong carriage. You will need a resistance band for these exercises.

Irish dance skills work – Slides & reaches.

Delighted to be covering this Irish dance skill.. We can often see on dancers that leg extending out to glide can turn in from time to time.. Learn how to mobilise and strengthen the muscles involved to prevent this happening and improve this skill overall x

Recover, Restore, Refresh.

Recovering from our toes up to our head. Refresh the mind-body the evening before you compete and after day one at worlds. Pair this with the visualisation meditation and you’ve a beautiful evening routine 🙂

Clicks, shoots & splits: Class 1

Keeping in mind that getting our clicks, shoots & splits requires both strengthening and lengthening of our muscles. Including strong glutes – helping with supporting the back leg when in splits and keeping those heels off of the floor when extending the front leg. The hip flexors must be strong to lift the front leg. We also work on lengthening the hamstrings in a safe way. Enjoy this first session!