12 tips of Christmas. Tip 8 with Fran. Lets get Snappy :)

A question often asked.. How do I get my movements more snappy? Here is Fran with her latest Christmas tip and insight on this subject.

Please keep in mind that the programs Fran runs throughout the year work to develop that overall strength, speed sharpness and ultimately help with snappier movements.

*NEW Stage Presence Tips. Day 1.

Taken directly from the WhatsApp group and put here for you.. I hope these days of stage presence tips will be super helpful for you. Much Love, Chloey x

Self Esteem Meditation

It’s only human to be hard on ourselves from time to time and fall into comparison. Allow this meditation to give you a little self esteem boost.

Mobility challenge. Week 2. Activation – Hamstrings.

Let’s activate those hamstrings in a simple way. As dancers, we spend a lot of time stretching the hamstrings, but learning to activate and strengthen them is super important in injury prevention and overall body awareness.